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Pauls Valley Junior High students participate in numerous clubs and organizations that are actively involved in improving the school and community.

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September Students of the Month

4th Grade:

Kate Taylor is the daughter of Tommy and Janie Taylor. Kate has a little brother, Harrison and a little
sister, Ana. Kate’s favorite hobbies include reading, watching TV, and jumping on her trampoline.
Kate’s favorite subject is spelling and her favorite food is spaghetti. When she grows up she would like
to be a vacation and trip planner.

Alex Lara is the son of Homero and Hilda Lara. Alex has several siblings including Christian in 8th
grade, Averi in 10th grade, Isaac in PK, and Isabelle. Alex’s favorite hobbies include playing basketball
and swimming. Alex’s favorite subject is math and his favorite food is cheese pizza. Alex would like to
be a professional basketball player in the future.

5th Grade:

Abigayle Spencer is the daughter of Robert and Christy Spencer. Abigayle has two siblings, Kenzie in
10th grade and Taylor in 9th grade. Abigayle’s favorite hobby is gymnastics, basketball, and playing
with her cat at home. Abigayle’s favorite subject is math and her favorite food is cookies and cream ice
cream. When Abigayle grows up she wants to be a veterinarian.

Blake Peacock is the son of Erica Peacock-Duarte and Max Duarte. Blake’s siblings include Payton in
6th grade, Araya in 2nd grade, and Ruxin. Blake’s favorite hobby is playing video games and reading.
Blake’s favorite subject is math and his favorite food is white rice. Blake would like to be a coroner
when he grows up.

6th Grade:

Aris Worden is the daughter of Nathan and Pauletta Worden. Aris has two sisters, Amahra in 9th grade,
and Alexa in 3rd grade. Aris’s hobbies include crafting and reading. Aris’s favorite subject is science
and her favorite food is Mexican food. When Aris grows up she wants to become a professional

Brycen Green is the son of Colby and Crystal Green. Brycen has a sister, Payden in 4th grade, and a
little brother, Easten. Brycen’s favorite hobby is playing sports, including basketball, football, and
baseball. Brycen also enjoys jumping on his trampoline. Brycen’s favorite subject is science and his
favorite food is chicken fried steak. Brycen would like to be a football player when he grows up.


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