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4th Grade Bell Schedule                               5th & 6th Grade Bell Schedule
7:45AM Breakfast begins                                7:45AM Breakfast begins
8:05AM First bell rings                                     8:05AM First bell rings
8:10AM Tardy bell rings and classes begin     8:10AM Tardy bell rings and classes begin
8:10-9:00 1st hour                                           8:10-9:00 1st hour
9:05-9:55 2nd hour                                          9:05-9:55 2nd hour
10:00-10:50 3rd hour                                      10:00-10:50 3rd hour
11:00-11:40 lunch & recess-4th grade            11:00-11:40 4th hour
11:45-12:30 4th hour                                       11:45-12:30 Lunch and recess-5th & 6th grade
12:35-1:25 5th hour                                         12:35-1:25 5th hour
1:30-2:20 6th hour                                           1:30-2:20 6th hour
2:25-3:15 7th hour                                           2:25-3:15 7th hour
3:05PM School dismissal begins                     3:05PM School dismissal begins