Students of the Month

The Junior High students of the month for the 2021-22 school year are below beginning with August.

August 2021

9th Grade:       Jon Grimmett, Kimberly Meza

8th grade:        Wyatt Bratt, Gracy Manning

7th grade:         Uziel Castillo, Brooklyn Baker


Jon Grimmett is the son of Mylaine and Jonathan Grimmett. His hobbies are video games and hanging out with his friends. His extracurricular activities are basketball, football, and track. Jon’s plan for the future is to attend New Mexico State University.


Kimberly Meza is the daughter of Erika and Jecshua Meza. Her hobbies include listening to music. Her extracurricular activity is creating art. Kimberly plans to become a doctor.


Wyatt Bratt is the son of Michele and Jason Bratt. His hobbies include art and sculpting clay. His extracurricular activities are football and FFA/Agriculture. Wyatt’s future plans are to become a famous artist or football player.


Gracy Manning is the daughter of Greg and Kacy Manning. Her hobbies include tumbling and watching sports. Gracy’s extracurricular activities include playing basketball, running track and cheer. Her future plans are to attend college at the University of Oklahoma.


Uziel Castillo is the son of Alex Castillo and Lorena Castillo. His hobbies are playing tennis and running track. For extracurricular activities he likes to play board games such as Battleship and reading. Uziel’s plans for the future are to completely stop pollution and make all of the school busses have seatbelts for safety.


Brooklyn Baker is the daughter of Stephanie Baker. Her hobbies include cooking, organizing, and singing. Brooklyn’s plans for the future are to become a registered nurse so she can help save peoples lives.


September 2021

9th Grade:       Kevin Miles, Makenna French

8th grade:        LJ Prince, Ellason Rennie

7th grade:         Marshall Edwards, Avan Butler


Kevin Miles is the son of Shauntell Smith and Carl Miles. His hobbies include playing saxophone in the PVHS band. His extracurricular activities also include being in band. Kevin plans for his future job to be a voice actor.


Makenna French is the daughter of Kari Smith her hobbies include fishing and showing cattle. Her extracurricular is FFA she plans to attend VO Tech.


LJ Prince is the son of Tisha Prince and David Major.. His hobby is playing basketball. His extracurricular activity is cross country. LJ’s plan for the future is to become a welder.


Ellason Rennie is the daughter of Nick and Dana Rennie. Her hobby is being a Water Girl for JH football. Her extra Curricular activities include basketball , softball, and golf. Her plans for the future are to go to college and travel.


Marshall Edwards is the son of Jonathan and Heather Edwards. His hobbies include playing with his cats, playing video games, and riding bikes with friends. His extracurricular activities include playing football, and running track. His future plans are to go to college and get a computer science programming degree. 


Avan Butler is the daughter of Courtney and Robert Etchinson. Her Hobbies are Fishing and any other outdoor activities. Her extracurricular activities include softball and wrestling. Her future plans are to attend college hopefully on a scholarship for softball, after she wants to coach softball.



October 2021


9th Grade:       Elmo Salinas, Kimberly Sevilla 

8th grade:        Isaac Green, Olivia Bradley

7th grade:         Alexander Lara, Payden Green


Elmo Salinas is the son of Pamela Melton his hobbies are video games and walking. He is in the High school band and his plan for the future is to go to the military.


Kimberly Sevilla is the daughter of Ada and Jose Sevilla. Her hobbies include singing and painting. Her extra curricular activities are art 1. Kimberly pans on becoming a detective.


Isaac Green is the son of Mark and Angela Green. He enjoys playing tennis and whooping his dad in games. He plays basketball, tennis, and runs cross country. He's also a part of student council, High School band, and the academic team. His plan for the future is to go to college and become an engineer.

Olivia Bradley is the granddaughter of Sue Bradley. Her hobby is riding her bike. She doesn’t do any extracurricular activities. Her plan for the future is to become a hairdresser.

Alexander Lara is the son of Homer and Hilda Lara. Alexander’s hobbies are playing basketball and running. The extracurricular activities Alexander participates in are basketball, cross country, band, academic team, and track. Alexander plans to go to college and become an engineer.


Payden Green is the daughter of Crystal and Colby Green. Her Hobbies are dancing, and playing football with her dad and brother. Her extracurricular activities include Basketball and Tennis. In the future she plans to become a pediatrician.