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Alternative Academy


Bobby Reeves
Phone: 405 238 1233

PVAA will provide opportunities for all students to acquire life-long skills in the areas of social, emotional, and intellectual development.

PVAA gained state and national recognition when our students were featured in the "Second Chance" video, which was shown at the state alternative conference, as well as, the national conference. We have had much academic success with the A+ Anywhere Learning Program. Our photography class has gained state recognition with articles published in the Pauls Valley Daily Democrat and The Oklahoman.  Student photography has been featured at the Alternative Summer Institute in Oklahoma City and displayed in the State Superintendent's office.


Staff and Personnel

PVAA staff is dedicated to the success of their students. The Alternative Academy is designed to help students get back on track in order to graduate with their class if possible. We have three full-time teachers. Students work with the director and teachers to develop a graduation plan. They receive individual instruction as they work to earn credits for graduation.


Name Title/Subject Email
Bobby Reeves Director [email protected]
Jocelyn Rushing Secretary/Assistant [email protected]
Matt Terry Instructor [email protected]
Jayson Bailey Instructor [email protected]



The teachers will model the character traits he/she wants students to emulate. 


·         We will help students develop the tools they need to maneuver through life. 


·         Students will visualize and believe in the opportunities an education can offer and make them aware of the difference it can make in lives. 


·         Students will take ownership of their education and of their futures.