Board of Education

Board Members


Joe Don Looney

Vice President

Shelby Humphrey


Richelle Humphrey


David Assad


Katie Johnson

Board Meeting Place

The board meetings take place at the:
Pauls Valley Administration & Board of Education Office
301 North Chickasaw
Pauls Valley, OK 73075

All meetings will take place at 6pm.

Board Meeting Dates

Wednesday- January 10, 2018
Wednesday - February 7, 2018
Wednesday - March 7, 2018
Wednesday - April 10, 2018
Wednesday - May 7, 2018
Tuesday - June 12, 2018
Tuesday - July 17, 2018
Tuesday - August 7, 2018
Tuesday - September 11, 2018
Tuesday - October 9, 2018
Tuesday - November 11, 2018
Wednesday - December 5, 2018

Board Meeting Agendas

We use a paperless board meeting solution provided by the OSSBA for our agendas. They are available to both the public and board members and both past and present agendas can be found here.

There is a new Agenda link we will be using from now on. The agendas can be found here.

School Policy Manual

I. Introduction

II. School Board Operations

III. Business and Support Services

IV. Personnel

V. Instruction

VI. Students